A Guide to Veterans Benefits for Hearing Loss Or Blindness.

If you are a war veteran that has suffered hearing loss and blindness during the war, then you deserve compensation from these through benefits. Many veterans who have come home from the war have suffered hearing loss and tinnitus or ringing in the ears due to conditions they have experienced while fighting during the war. There are also veterans that have lost their eyesight or have suffered eye-related problems in war. If you are a veteran who is suffering from these disabilities, then it is important for you to establish that your disability is service-connected. If you have to establish a service-connected disability, a veteran must establish that a current hearing or vision condition exists, and there is available evidence of an event in service that has caused the disability, and that a medical opinion links the current condition to an event during military service. If you want to be able to claim compensation for your hearing loss disability acquired in service, then you need to hire an attorney who will help you file for your compensation claim.

More than a million American veterans are legally blind or suffer from low vision. If you are a veteran who has suffered this condition in service, then here are the conditions for which you can receive disability compensation. For more info on lawyers, click https://militaryearplug.com/. This includes conditions like blurry vision, double vision, loss of light perception, loss of peripheral vision, and loss of sight. Veterans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan have common vision problems. They also experienced traumatic brain injuries. Before a veteran begins to experience vision issues, it usually takes from one to three years after the ocular trauma. In order to assess your vision, you must be examined by a licensed ophthalmologist. Your eye injury is rated according to how well you can see and the strength of your peripheral vision and muscle function. The requirements of vision testing for disability include the use of automated perimetry methods to determine the visual ability of an individual. The report will also detail the injury or disease that the individual is suffering.

It is also common for veterans to suffer from hearing loss. Statistics show that this condition is most often found service-connected. The VA has reported that tens of thousands of military members from Operation Iraq Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom are receiving disability compensation from hearing loss. To learn more about lawyers, visit houston texas mass torts lawyers. The reason why so many veterans experience hearing loss is that there are so many causes and this include gunfire, loud airplane engines, explosions, and machinery. Damage of individual hair cells would mean follicle do not regenerate. The level of the veteran’s hearing loss is tested by a pure-tone audiometric test.

If you have hearing disabilities cause by direct service, the skilled veteran's attorney can help you obtain the compensation that you need. Learn more from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawyer.
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